Nastarpia food with story

I will dedicate my nastarpia to all my friend, my family who loves me because you know that being loved and loving is the best part in this world, Lets talk about love now, for me love means sacrificing our ego, that makes love is the highest power in the world. I love eating, I ...
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The new reborn

Perhaps, making dream come true is not easy as we think. It needs more just faith, but also a hard work,.I have born nastarpia in September 2013, but i must develop it becoming a good product just because i want make it unique and being different with others. There were five times experiment in my ...
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Yogyakarta is the second tourist destination in Indonesia after Bali. It is well known for cultural tourism. There are several attraction for the tourist, mountain, buildings, temples, shopping mall, arts and its tradition.With its motto Yogyakarta never ending Asia, Yogyakarta immense your tourism activity. You can do shopping, adventurous activity, watching art performance, learning about ...
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Resep Cara Membuat Kue Nastar Selai Nanas Paling Enak

Resep Cara Membuat Kue Nastar Selai Nanas Paling Enak - Kue nastar keju selai nanas merupakan salah satu kue yang sangat di sukai oleh semua orang. rasanya yang manis , gurih , renyah dan enak kue nastar menjadi hidangan yang dapat disajikan di waktu lebaran. Untuk kali ini akan dibagikan resep membuat kue nastar keju selai nanas yang rasanya enak. Membuat kue nastar ini bisa ...
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My vission and My ambition

Since I know that eating makes us happy, I am very obsessed by that. I love eating and I eat all food. I don’t know with my tongue but I know all great food. For me just one thing in the world that never have been lied. Good food never lies. I had a journey in ...
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